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Since 2020, a group of members from the Center for Innovation’s Governing Council has been dedicated to addressing one of the most pressing issues in legal profession today: How can the successes or failings of regulatory experiments, legal innovation, and new service delivery models be effectively measured and understood?

Stemming from the House of Delegates’ approval of a resolution in February 2021 urging jurisdictions to consider regulatory innovations that have the potential “to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of civil legal service”, the Center launched a working group to emphasize the role data would play in legal and regulatory innovation.  

To further efforts in innovation the ABA Center for innovation created a tool that enables all stakeholders to build effective metrics to evaluate their desired outcomes.  The Justice System Metrics website is agnostic as to the innovations that can be evaluated with its tools. The website’s purpose is to gather most important metrics and key performance indicators identified by experts and pioneers and use them to provide a foundational starting point for anyone seeking better information for better decision making.

The metrics are searchable based on the type of data it supplies, the location you can find that data, or by keywords connecting similar or relative metrics.  The use cases are searchable by publication date, keywords, and data source. The Center hopes to continuing developing this tool for innovators use to more easily compare like data points on creative approaches to the legal profession. This is just the start, and we encourage you to join our dialogue and add to this project by connecting with us on our contact contact page.

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