Justice System Metrics
An expansive overview of the key metrics
advancing the law and access to justice.


About the Justice System Metrics Project

The Justice System Metrics Project was born to explore how data can (and does) influence progress and innovation in the justice sector. A major goal is to build a data-driven culture in the legal industry by making it easy for justice system participants to understand what data can be collected to drive change and how others across jurisdictions are using it.
As you browse this website, you'll find an ever-evolving list of metrics that our profession's leaders have identified as essential to our analyses on how well our justice system is functioning.  You'll also find examples of how institutions, researchers, and innovators are using data and these metrics to understand our profession and advance progress.

For law students or those just beginning their journey to more data-driven decision-making, we also offer a look into how you might apply the principles of data collection and analysis to your own work.

The best part? We're just getting started. If you know of an important key metric, report, or other resource we are missing, we encourage you to contact us and share your expertise.
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